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International Book Launch Event

International Book Launch Event


December 11, 2021, marks the first day of a new season for many women throughout the Caribbean, the United States, the United Kingdom, and over several continents.

The book launch is a long-awaited much-anticipated event that has been in the making for over three years. Karyn Forbes finally reveals her life to expose her strengths, weaknesses, flaws, and even some secrets that promise to liberate the minds of her followers and fans in a manner that would allow them to accept their own imperfections and turn them into personal weapons against the negativity that have held them down.

The live event is hi-bred and will be both in-person and virtual to accommodate Karyn’s network of international followers that may not be able to attend in person. Karyn will begin the book signing segment at 4:00 pm AST and is cooking up something special for all virtual attendees. Celebrities and other delegates will be present to take part in the launch of this book that is expected to stand at the foundation of a new era of women’s empowerment.

Get your tickets early and join this movement. Karyn Forbes seems to have been hand-picked by God to lead the charge and she is excited to partner with you as together we foster change. Get your tickets early and let’s begin the healing and empowerment of our women.