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Karyn Forbes

When I’m at the centre of attention on stages and in front of cameras across the world, people see the outcome or results of my process but what they don’t see is what it cost me to get there.

I use to think that my situation was worse than anyone else's until a reality check opened my eyes to the truth. After years of secrets, fake smiles, depression and thoughts of hopelessness, I discovered that I was not alone in this battle. All across the world, women experience sexual, cultural and mental battles that are unique to us and after years of study, observation and sitting under the watchful eyes of my mentors, I am both equipped and motivated by passion to teach women of all ages, cultures and circumstances the secrets to escaping the trap to emerge into a repurposed life as a woman of substance.


Karyn forbes

When you book Karyn Forbes to speak at your conference, meeting or workshop, the process is simple, easy and delightful. At the heart of Karyn’s speaking mission is the idea that we are all working together to get significant results for audiences, delegates and attendees and nothing should get in the way of that.

To keep things clear for everyone, here are the terms and conditions for working with Karyn. They're all focused on making sure that your event is amazing, and that the audience gets the desired result.

'Speaking' 'Keynote' 'Seminar' 'session' and 'Workshop' refer to services delivered by Karyn Forbes and may be used interchangeably depending on the service being delivered and requested.

'Client' and 'booker' refer to the organisation engaging Karyn Forbes.

Unless specified in writing, Karyn Forbes herself will deliver all services requested by clients.

Scope of these terms and conditions

These terms apply to all engagements made between Karyn Forbes and the client.

When booking Karyn Forbes, we will send you a confirmation booking form with details of the date of your event, the start and finish time of Karyn’s session, the title of the session, and Karyn Forbes anticipated arrival time. It is the client's responsibility to check these details carefully, and sign and return the confirmation booking form.

Karyn Forbes will deliver the services outlined on the booking form

We will send an invoice on booking for 50% (fifty percent) of the booking fee at the time of confirmation. The remaining 50% (fifty percent) will be expected on the day of the event, prior to the commencement of Karyn’s delivery.

For events outside of the island of Tobago, travel and accommodation may be needed. This will be clearly indicated on the booking form. In some cases, The Karyn Forbes organization will book the travel and add it to the invoice. It is usually easier for the client to book the accommodation.

Confirming a booking means that the date is immediately unavailable in Karyn's diary, and cancellation of bookings will incur a charge. Cancellations made more than 30 (thirty) days in advance of the event date will be charged at 50% (fifty percent) of the booking fee. Cancellations with notice of less than 30 (thirty) days will be charged at the full booking fee.

The Karyn Forbes Organization maintains a people first policy even in our pricing structure. This policy was birthed directly from the heart of Karyn Forbes herself and ensures that fees are kept at a minimum to ensure that every organization gets a chance to benefit from the knowledge and life changing inspiration of Karyn Forbes at a cost designed to cover her expenses and not to necessarily cultivate profit.